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Starting the Year as a Reader

My reading goal for 2022 was to read 100 books, and, in the very last week of December, I hit that goal. (Woohoo!!)

This year, my goal is much more moderate - a book a week for the year. My hope in setting a lower quantity goal is that it will open up the space to get through some harder....and longer...books this year. And already I've read through two bigger books that have been staring at me reproachfully from the shelves, intimidatingly larger than many of my other books.

I'll give a little bit of a longer review shortly, but if you are curious, here are the big books I've read so far in January:

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

Published April 23, 2013

Pages: 486

Hours on Audible: 19h 42m

The Passage by Justin Cronin

Published December 31, 2018

Pages: 776

Hours on Audible: 36h 49m

I've been able to read through a few others this month and will give you a recap in a few days.

One thing that struck me today when reading Atomic Habits by James Clear - if your goal this year is to read more books, it is time to align your desires with your identity. Here, we are not just a community of people who read books. We are a community of readers. Building the habit of becoming a reader is a process of identity alignment. I guess this struck me in particular since I've identified as a Reader from a very young age. I enjoyed having a voracious appetite for new ideas found in books. I enjoyed exploring new worlds, learning new words, finding new ways of expressing myself. And forming that part of my identity in turn helped my habit building of reading books.

I'm excited to finish reading Atomic Habits and find some tools and resources to align my identity with what I want to become this year.

What about you? Any reading goals for this year? How are they coming?

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